Cash Flow Module

In development for over a year, the Cash Flow module is fully integrated with Budget Explorer so creating a fully detailed Cash Flow is a snap.

Here are some specifics about the Cash Flow module:

  • Revenue data is broken down by individual resource and object.
  • Object 8011 Revenue Limit funding is automatically distributed by month in accordance with the rules set forth by the applicable schedule (A, B, C, or D).
  • All Revenue Limit deferrals are automatically calculatted in accordance with the latest information relative to state budget and revenue limit apportionment.
  • Expenditure data is broken down by major object range (1000ís, 2000ís, etc.)
  • A lookup is performed for each and every object creating a default cash flow distribution based upon unique “resource/object” combinations. These distributions are based upon valid resource and object combinations tied to unique cash flow characteristics associated with that particular federal or state funding resource.