Mailing Lists

FCMAT listservs are intended to serve as a means of communication between like professionals. To promote confidentiality and a candid exchange of information, for all listserves except K14 News and LCFF Announcements, FCMAT limits participation to individuals holding the position or performing the function indicated in the listserv title. Individuals who serve in several roles may subscribe to several listservs; however, registration for each listserv (except K14 News and LCFF Announcements) is limited to one professional per school district or county office of education.

Please click the appropriate button below to subscribe or unsubscribe.

If you encounter an error when subscribing, please see the alternative subscription instructions at the bottom of this page.


Listserv Name
County Office CBO
District Office CBO
LCFF Announcements
Budget Explorer Announcements
County Office HR
District Office HR
Charter School
K14 News

If you encountered an error when attempting to subscribe, please submit the following information to

  • Your first and last name
  • Your position or role
  • Your email address
  • The name of of your organization
  • Your phone number
  • The name or names of the listserv or listservs to which you want to subscribe

Upon submission to, your request will be reviewed. If you meet the requirements and there is not a professional from your organization already subscribed, you will be notified when you have been added to the listserv.


FCMAT Listservs Policy

How to Get Started