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Phrasing impacts support for Prop. 58

A new Field-IGS Poll reveals that California voters favor Proposition 58, a November ballot measure that would let schools expand bilingual education — but the support turns to opposition when voters are told the measure would replace much of Proposition 227.

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A bold new approach to English proficency for kids: Lean on their first language

The state has been sued (and it settled), the Department of Justice has investigated, and tens of thousand of students have not been able to fully participate in school due to language limitations. Now a federal grant will allow the Los Angeles Unified School District to try something new to help some of its youngest English language learners (ELLs) achieve better educational outcomes.

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Antioch mulls ways to attract teachers

Years of declining enrollment have spared Antioch Unified the worst of the teacher shortage plaguing school districts throughout California.The district lost 516 students between 2014-15 and last year alone and it is expecting about 433 more will leave this school year, a trend that administrators project will continue for the next five years.

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