Program Overview


  • Provide an innovative training experience to CBO candidates with high potential.

Desired Outcomes

  • Understanding of fundamental issues that drive school business policies in the major functional areas: finance; accounting & budgeting; facilities development; maintenance, operations and transportation; contracts and procurement; and risk management.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and application of school business principles and processes in district operations.
  • Demonstrated leadership and communication skills.

Curriculum Emphasis

  • Work-study and applied learning by project assignments supported by an assigned mentor.

Curriculum Delivery

  • Monthly instruction and project review by practicing professionals.

Participant Qualifications

  • Participants must be nominated and nominees must be approved by a selection committee.

Course Completion Requirements

  • Nomination, selection and attendance at 10 sessions.
  • Completion of monthly work-study assignments reflecting strategic and technical competencies in the functional areas of school business.
  • Positive evaluations from assigned mentor and program coordinator.