What makes this program different?

  • Participants are nominated and screened based upon identified criteria
  • Each participant is assigned a mentor who is committed to the success of the participant.
  • Mentors must meet designated criteria and be approved.
  • Participants will do more than sit in class. Classes will be designed for interactive work. Participants will be required to complete at least one major project for the class. Other classes may involve smaller projects.
  • The mentor will do a pre and post assessment of the participant to determine strengths and identified areas of growth.
  • The class will have an assigned lead person who will oversee the class to ensure:
    (1) Presenters are on target and providing consistent curriculum
    (2) Monitor the progress to ensure that participants are engaged in learning and determine if any ìcourse correctionsî are needed to keep the class on track
    (3) The mentor will assist the participant in selecting their ìprojectî and provide support for completion of the project.