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  • Ellen Corbett goes to work for Hayward school district

    Weeks after being term-limited out of the Legislature, former state Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett has taken a lucrative new job with the Hayward Unified School District.

  • Santa Rita School District project equips students with computers, tablets

    The Santa Rita School District has launched an unprecedented effort to make all of its 3,300 students computer savvy. The $1.9 million program is called The Chromebrook Project. It started last spring and is culminating in the distribution of either a large HP Chromebook laptop computer or a tablet to every student in kindergarten through eighth grade.

  • Teachers union lowers pay proposal, prepares to picket LAUSD campuses

    United Teachers Los Angeles President Alex Caputo-Pearl will not be fulfilling his campaign promise of a double-digit pay raise this year, as union leadership backed down from demands for an immediate 10 percent hike.

  • California schools step up efforts to help ‘long-term English learners’

    In its inaugural data released Wednesday, the state has identified nearly 350,000 students in grades six through 12 who have attended California schools for seven years or more and are still not fluent in English. They make up three-fourths of all secondary school students still learning English.

  • State to fight lawsuit by impoverished students

    State finance officials last week granted the California Department of Education $3.4 million to fight a lawsuit that demands the state fix disruptive conditions in some high-poverty schools where students allegedly are being denied the fundamental right to an education.

  • Petaluma teachers, district at impasse in contract talks

    With their labor agreement set to expire next summer, representatives for Petaluma City Schools and its teachers have yet to start negotiating a new contract. Instead, the two sides have not met since July, and have been engaged in a tense, six-month standoff over adjustments to the teachers’ current three-year agreement.

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