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  • San Diego schools chief gets A+, contract extension

    The San Diego school board issued Superintendent Cindy Marten a glowing report card — and an unusually early contract extension — in its assessment of her freshman year.

  • Rialto Unified: Holocaust committee meets for the first time Thursday

    Rialto Unified School District officials, Jewish leaders and community members will meet this afternoon for the first time to lay out a plan of action to undo the damage done by a controversial assignment that asked the district’s 2,000 eighth-graders to argue whether the Holocaust actually occurred.

  • Program helps students chart their future

    The program offers a mix of academic tutoring and career preparation for 10th- and 11th-grade students who are behind on credits or failing classes.

  • Oakland’s American Indian Model Schools can stay open, judge rules

    An Alameda County judge ruled that a high-performing Oakland charter school can stay open and that the school district erred in revoking its charter in 2013 after it alleged that founder Ben Chavis funneled $3.8 million to himself through school contracts.

  • Los Altos: Bullis, district approve truce

    A draft agreement that resolves years of acrimony and multimillion-dollar court battles between Bullis Charter School and the Los Altos School District was unanimously approved Monday night.

  • La Jolla schools gain leeway in academics, hiring

    La Jolla schools have gained flexibility from the San Diego Unified School District under an unusual arrangement approved Tuesday that could lead to changes in hiring, student selection and academics at the elite cluster of campuses.

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