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  • Enrollment growing at charters

    Struggling to ward off closure just a few years ago, the New Jerusalem School District will open the 2015-16 school with nearly 6,000 students at 15 charter schools, including the county’s first visual learning program and a sports-themed school co-founded by retired San Joaquin County Superintendent Mick Founts.

  • EdSource: Bill proposes review of California’s arts standards

    Senate Bill 725, introduced by Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, asks the state to begin reviewing its visual and performing arts standards and adopt, reject or modify them by 2017. The bill is currently in the Senate Appropriations Committee. If it is approved, it will then move to a vote before the entire Senate.

  • Column: LAUSD coaches work for less than minimum wage, panel hears

    After hearing an overview of the state of athletic programs in the Los Angeles Unified School District, audience members at a presentation to a Board of Education panel didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The average coaching stipend is $2,175.58, and it hasn’t changed since 1999.

  • School district taps Minecraft game

    The Cajon Valley Union School District is part of a small but growing movement that has educators turning to Minecraft as a learning tool for computer-savvy students who are already versed in the game’s system of building, coding and adventure using characters and pixilated bricks — sort of the virtual version of Lego blocks.

  • Rialto Unified Holocaust assignment, one year later

    One year ago this weekend, the news broke that Rialto Unified asked its 2,000 eighth-graders to do an in-class assignment on whether or not the Holocaust occurred, with a print-out from a Holocaust denial website as one of three “credible sources” provided on the subject. Twelve months later, not everyone believes the district has done enough.

  • Feds interviewing Berkeley school officials in sexual harassment complaint

    Federal investigators are interviewing staff and administrators about sexual harassment at Berkeley High School following the discovery of an Instagram page, created by male students last fall, that included photos of female students accompanied by disparaging sexual comments.

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